Life as a Fashion Maven

One tip is to accessorize, accessorize, accessorize, according to Sarah Kim

By Mriganka Lulla

“Even when I am already fifteen minutes late to class, I just cannot leave my room unless I have eyeliner on and my hair is done!” said a rueful Sarah Kim..
The onset of winter has the flowers fading away and if you are one of those individuals that miss the presence of these brightly colored flowers in your life, a word of advice- befriend Sarah Kim. Tiny flowers dot her umbrella, the hem of her high-waist skirt, the silver ring on her finger and even the clips in her hair.
She stops suddenly, in the midst of heavy rain storm, and despite the drops falling around her, takes a moment to look down at herself and then up at her umbrella and say: ” I never realized just how many flower-y things I own!”
With that, she turns and smiles widely; bright as the flowers she was talking about.
Kim seems to be well suited to all sorts of weather conditions. She would also make a good and impartial judge. Contrary to what one would expect, she cannot pick a favorite: East Coast weather versus West Coast weather. There is absolutely no bias towards the West, which is surprising because Orange County of sunny California is her home. Eternal sunshine as opposed to rain, hail, snow and sleet?
” What can I say,” she said.” Seasons are my reason for fashion!”
Multi faceted is the perfect adjective for Kim, as she is an apt example of the ‘geeks’ that do also read Vogue. She does not let her Pre-Med workload interfere with her role as Clothe and Make-Up Stylist for ‘Hepburn’s Closet’, Bryn Mawr College’s online fashion magazine.

Sarah Kim

Sarah Kim

In Bryn Mawr, ” fashion meets function” whereas in California, “fashion is just fashion.” said Kim. Fall and winter do serve the purpose; it seems, of allowing fashion fanatics like Kim to wander away from the bareness of bathing suits and tiny shorts. “Bundling up in cute winter coats is unique of the East Coast, and they serve the purpose of keeping you warm

High fashion research
Fashion is Kim’s domain, and she comes prepared to rule. It takes time and effort to maintain her position on the throne, and Kim regularly spends hours reading fashion magazines and visiting fashion blogs such as ‘The Satorialist’ and ‘Garance a dore’. “I know it’s high fashion versus local fashion, but the important bit is to notice the similar trends,” Kim explained. “You have to look at high fashion in a way that is applicable to students. You have to let the trends trickle down!”
Unfortunately, not every college-going student can afford high-end brands, but like a true fashion guru, Kim has the solution.
” Occasionally, I like to splurge on that one special piece,” she said. “Sometimes I would rather buy a pair of good boots or a nice jacket that will hold me in good stead, instead of buying a lot of lower priced items.”
Her favorite stores — Urban Outfitters, GAP, Levis, H&M, American Apparel and Forever 21 — are trendy and affordable. “You wear what you buy,” Kim said.
“Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown,” said Shakespeare, but Kim would just use it as an elaborate hair accessory.
“Accessorizing is really important!” she gushed. “It’s the little things like delicate silver waist belts or a pair of really pretty earrings that spice up any outfit.”
She admitted reluctantly that with limited time to dress for class, while inevitably being late, she only finds time to slip on a few finger rings.

Bryn Mawr’s fashion sense

” People here have a very unique sense of fashion,” said Kim, referring to Bryn Mawr.
“Everyone is always experimenting and this leaves room for differences. You are spared from the animosity and judgment. If people want to just schlep around, they do.”
Personally, Kim would never allow herself to fall into the ‘Sweats Trap’. She ensures that she sleeps in shorts and not sweatpants so that she has to change out of them the next morning. ” I like to make an effort to look good,” she said, but also only wears what she feels comfortable in.

Her words of wisdom to the world in general were simple: ” Spend an extra 10 minutes everyday on how you look. You do not have to do anything dramatic, just take baby steps and work with them. The clothes you wear compliment the person inside you. If you like how you look on the outside, you feel good on the inside. A lot of people think dressing up in college is frivolous. I think that is a misconception. You just have to be confident enough to pull it off.”
And she is. Be it a leotard and a skirt, or jeans and ankle length boots, dresses, sweaters or leggings, Kim wears them all with her own panache.
A 10-minute quick fix on the outside, and you are left looking good, with the added bonus of an adrenaline-filled confidence boost. Fashion replaces caffeine